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Bentley Accident Claims make claiming easy. Simply call our solicitors today who will be happy to listen and offer their support at this difficult time. We are on your side and therefore aim to take full details of your accident and explain how we can help!

Accident claims and your rights

Accident claims may enable you to obtain compensation in the event that you suffer an accident due to the actions or negligence of another party.

Accidents and life

In practice, many accidents arise due to the negligence of individuals or organisations. In some cases, this may even involve them failing to comply with legislation that requires them to provide a safe environment.

Even where a person or organisation may not have been directly guilty of negligence, they may still have a legal and moral obligation to compensate other parties injured as a result of their actions or inaction.

If you have suffered an accident that has resulted in injury, you may have the legal right to seek redress from parties you hold to be responsible for the circumstances that led to the incident.

This legal area is referred to as accident claims.

The basic principles

Suffering an accident may involve you in pain, injury, disruption to your family and social life or it may adversely affect your ability to earn income. It may, of course, have all of those effects.

The law recognises in principle, your right to appropriate compensation for such detrimental effects on your life, should someone be identified as being culpable.

The extent to which compensation may be awarded against the liable party, will be determined by the severity of the above impacts on your life.

In some cases, the other party may accept liability and the matter becomes one of agreeing an appropriate compensation package.

In other circumstances, they may dispute their liability and defend themselves against your claim.

In either situation, it may be highly advisable to seek qualified legal help and representation. Even if the other party accepts liability in principle, legal experts acting on your behalf will seek to assess the extent of your injuries and help you to obtain a just and appropriate settlement.

At Bentleys Accident Claims, Cheshire, we have a wealth of experience in helping clients in Staffordshire and Cheshire obtain compensation in such circumstances.

Categories of accident

It is not practical to list every conceivable accident that may result in injury to you but at Bentley Accident Claims, Cheshire we have experience of a wide range of situations including:

  1. road accidents;
  2. accidents at work;
  3. slips, trips and falls;
  4. medical negligence;
  5. industrial disease;
  6. serious injury;
  7. military injury;
  8. specialist cases;
  9. inadequate/faulty equipment and machinery;
  10. sports injuries;
  11. armed forces compensation scheme;
  12. criminal injuries.

No win no fee

Of course, to succeed in accident claims, it may be necessary to show that you were not responsible for the accident yourself through a failure to comply with safety guidelines, using inappropriate tools or irresponsible behaviours (etc).

We will offer you our expert services and advice in all these areas and if we believe you have good cause to progress a claim, we will be pleased to act on your behalf.

No fees are payable to us in the event that you fail to win your case and if you win, all fees are typically payable by the other party, as part of the total settlement.


Accidents can result in genuine suffering, distress and inconvenience.

If you have found yourself in this position, it may be worthwhile finding out more about accident claims through an entirely non-committal initial discussion with us. We would welcome your call.

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Who pays for the claim?

Bentley Accident Claims promote a no win no fee service regardless of the outcome of your claim. We assure our clients that all of the expenses are covered from the other side and that there are no hidden costs at any stage of your claim.