Industrial Disease
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Industrial Disease claims

Industrial disease claims may be lodged many years after the events leading to them actually took place.

That’s because in some cases, the causative factors may not have given rise to immediate symptoms. In extreme cases, symptoms may only arise several years after exposure to the environmental factors that may be at the root of the problem.

Vibration White Finger (VWF) and Asbestos-related Illnesses

Just two examples of where delayed reactions may arise are when people have been exposed to vibrating hand tool usage or asbestos.

In the case of the former, the prolonged exposure to heavy vibrations through the hands may lead to serious nerve damage, numbness and a loss of use of fingers, hands or even arms. The condition may also affect other parts of the body and is sometimes known as vibration white finger (VWF).

The dangers of exposure to asbestos are now well known, however, this may not always have been the case in the past.

In either of the above situations (and there may be many more such conditions) the effects upon you may not have become apparent until years or even decades after you ceased to work in the dangerous environment.

So, if you are suffering from illnesses that you believe are attributable to past working conditions, you may still have grounds to progress industrial disease claims.

Making your case

While the law provides a right to compensation in principle, in reality, you may need to prove your employer’s or ex-employer’s negligence.

There may be many stages in such a claim and it may involve taking legal action and providing medical evidence etc.

This isn’t necessarily easy and it may be advisable to consider using specialist legal expertise when progressing industrial disease claims.

Our legal expertise may help make this a much easier process for you – meaning that you may be able to concentrate on your health rather than trying to progress your own claim independently.


Claims may include sickness areas such as:

  1. Noise induced hearing loss and tinnitus;
  2. hand arm vibration syndrome / vibration white finger / carpal tunnel syndrome;
  3. asbestos related illness including mesothelioma;
  4. occupational asthma;
  5. occupational dermatitis;
  6. occupational cancers;
  7. work related upper limb disorder / repetitive strain injury (RSI);
  8. respiratory disease.


If you win your claim then you will be entitled to 100% of any compensation received. Our costs will be recovered from the other party involved.

Even if you do not win your case for a workplace disease claim, you will still not have anything to pay, by virtue of a no-win, no-fee arrangement.

Being unwell is never pleasant and where ill health is as a result of an occupation, it may be doubly difficult. That’s why it may be worth finding out a little more about industrial disease claims.

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