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If you think that you could make a claim for your injury, simply complete our online claim form or call our fully qualified solicitors today. The team at Bentley Accident Claims will help you every step of the way, remember, we’re on your side at this difficult time.

Sports injury claims

Many people may accept sporting injuries to be something of a recognisable risk and hazard. That may be fine but if there is an injury that arises due to someone’s negligence or unprofessional practices, then sports injury claims may allow you to obtain the compensation you deserve.

Surely sporting injuries are inevitable?

Being realistic, that may be so. Some sports, for example physical contact sports, may contain an inherent risk factor of truly accidental injury. Many sports people, both amateur and professionals, accept such risks philosophically.

Nevertheless, some such injuries may arise for reasons that owe little to occupational or participative risk.

Just a sample of such things may include injuries caused by:

  1. over-demanding and bullying sports coaches;
  2. poorly maintained sporting equipment;
  3. injuries during school sports;
  4. reckless, malicious or violent conduct by other competitors;
  5. defective playing surfaces;
  6. inadequate instruction or supervision;
  7. defective or unsafe equipment;
  8. gym accidents.

Deciding on whether or not an injury was attributable to negligence on the part of another is something that you may need specialist advice on.

At Bentley Accident Claims we have such sports injury claims experience and will gladly put it at your disposal.

Sports accident claim

Making a claim and receiving appropriate compensation may be the thing that makes all the difference between you making a speedy recovery or not.

It is not a question of looking for retribution but simply one of you seeking a just recognition that your sports injury may be causing you pain and a loss of freedom in terms of aspects of your wider life and possibly your ability to continue to participate in sport at all.

The effects of that may be quantifiable and that is what your claim is seeking to achieve – it forms one of the bases of how any compensation may be calculated.

Any sums awarded will be 100% retained by you and the other party will meet your legal fees.

Even if you fail to win your case, you will incur no legal costs.

So, you don’t have to suffer in silence or wish that things had been different. Finding out more about sports injury claims may just help you get back to normal sooner rather than later.

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Who pays for the claim?

Bentley Accident Claims promote a no win no fee service regardless of the outcome of your claim. We assure our clients that all of the expenses are covered from the other side and that there are no hidden costs at any stage of your claim.