Accidents at Work
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Accidents at work claims

Have you been injured in an accident at work? Have you considered asking for compensation through accidents at work claims but have felt too inhibited to proceed?

If you answered the above questions with a yes, you may wish to consider the following points.

Your employer’s legal responsibility

Of course, not every single accident you may have during the course of performing your duties, may be the responsibility of your employer.

You have a responsibility to ensure that you comply with health and safety regulations and conduct your affairs with common sense.

Yet your employer also has a legal duty to provide you with a working environment and conditions that are safe and fully compliant. If you suffer an accident that you believe was attributable to your employer’s failure to do so, then you may have grounds for progressing a case through the accidents at work claims process.

Needing help

Inevitably, legislation is complicated and accidents at work claims may be no exception to this.

Your employer may be tempted to dispute your perceptions as to who exactly was responsible for the accident or even if they do not, they may not be willing to make an appropriate offer of compensation.

Perhaps even more of a risk is that you may not be fully aware of just what compensation you may be eligible for or where your employer may have transgressed the law in terms of failing to make your workplace safe.

That’s where organisations such as Bentley Accident Claims may be able to help.

Using our expertise, we can help you to understand where you may be able to claim, under what basis and what sort of sums your injuries may justify by way of damages.

Using accident solicitors

If you’re considering a claim arising from injury at work, you may be worried about the costs involved and whether or not you can afford to use a specialist accident solicitor.

The good news is that such services are typically available on what’s called a no-win no–fee basis.

That means that even if your claim is subsequently unsuccessful, you will not need to pay anything for your legal representation.

By contrast, if you do win, 100% of the compensation awarded will typically be yours with your legal fees being met by the other party.

Accident at work categories may also include:

  1. lifting and manual handling injuries;
  2. construction industry injuries;
  3. employee attacks;
  4. defective machinery claims;
  5. slips and trips in the workplace;
  6. unsafe working practices.
  7. accidents at height.

The process behind accidents at work claims is straightforward and painless. If you would like to obtain fair compensation after being injured at work, it may pay to find out a little more.

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Who pays for the claim?

Bentley Accident Claims promote a no win no fee service regardless of the outcome of your claim. We assure our clients that all of the expenses are covered from the other side and that there are no hidden costs at any stage of your claim.