Medical Negligence
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Medical negligence claims

If you are ill, it may be perfectly natural to put your faith in doctors and the medical establishment - and for most of the time you may be perfectly happy with the outcome of your treatment. There may be occasions, however, when things go wrong and you may have to consider a medical negligence claim.

People working in medical environments can be under terrific amounts of stress and mistakes can and do happen. These mistakes may have a catastrophic effect on you and the care that you receive.

It is neither right nor fair that you should have to suffer the consequences of someone else’s negligence, which is why a medical negligence claim may be so important in your situation.

A medical negligence claim may be applicable in a whole host of circumstances including:

  1. GP error;
  2. surgical claims;
  3. dental negligence;
  4. nursing and care home injury;
  5. anaesthetic related injuries;
  6. pregnancy and maternity related issues;
  7. hospital neglect cases;
  8. failure to diagnose injuries/illnesses.

Being ill is bad enough without having the added complications of your recovery being compromised. Perhaps mistakes were made in your diagnosis or treatment. You may have received less than optimal care or suffered as a result of dirty or unhygienic conditions.

With something as important as your health, if something untoward does happen it can have very serious repercussions. We can offer help in trying to alleviate your situation.

The compensation won in a medical negligence claim is obviously not going to put things back the way they were for you or your family. It is not a miracle cure. It could however, remove financial worries and provide you with the income to make things significantly easier.

Getting qualified and experienced help to advise on the most appropriate course of action and then help you with every step of your claim may help ensure that you achieve the compensation you deserve.

Remember too that as medical negligence solicitors, we operate on a no win, no fee basis and recover our costs from the other party. You don’t have to pay anything towards our costs.

So you can be sure that if you win, you will receive the maximum compensation award from our medical negligence claims service.

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Bentley Accident Claims promote a no win no fee service regardless of the outcome of your claim. We assure our clients that all of the expenses are covered from the other side and that there are no hidden costs at any stage of your claim.