Military Injury
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Military injury claims

It may surprise you to know that you may be able to seek compensation for military injury claims.

Although serving one’s country is a proud and historic tradition, the military services also have a duty of care to provide for the wellbeing of their men and women in the event they suffer debilitating accidents as a result of their employment.

The legal principles

Space doesn’t permit a full discussion of the legal issues but the basic principle is that you may have the right to compensation if your employer does not provide a working environment that meets a definition of their obligation of duty of care.

Situations such as negligence, the provision of defective safety equipment, or being asked to perform duties that are clearly recklessly and unnecessarily dangerous, may all be grounds for seeking compensation.

That may also be the case if you have suffered injury as a result of your pursuit of your legitimate duties.

Specifically, compensation through military injury claims may be available for things such as:

  1. non-freezing cold injuries;
  2. hearing loss;
  3. military training accidents;
  4. road traffic accidents;
  5. chemical accidents;
  6. fatal accidents;
  7. parachuting accidents;
  8. exposure to harmful substances, such as asbestos;
  9. military combat accidents;
  10. inadequate/faulty equipment and machinery;
  11. sports injuries;
  12. criminal injuries.

We would be only too pleased to explain the principles of the legal position to you in more detail.

Your responsibilities

As you may expect, to be successful in claim you will need to have been seen to be complying with all safety regulations and instructions (unless you were otherwise ordered) and not to have behaved in an irresponsible fashion.

Military injury claims – the social dimension

People in the armed services typically accept that, in certain situations, they may be subject to higher risk environments than many people in civilian life.

Some may consider therefore that serious injury may be seen by others around them to be an acceptable occupational hazard. Some may feel inhibited as a result, about discussing the possibility of military claims.

In fact, such concerns may be unnecessary.

Government and society at large accepts that service personnel injured in the course of their duties have a right to expect that the society they served will accept its responsibilities to ensure that they receive appropriate compensation. This is why things such as the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme exist.

Unfortunately, access to such compensation may require expert legal help to quantify and present the impact of your individual situation.

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