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If you have had an accident, Bentley Accident Claims can help you to make a claim to get the compensation that you deserve. Simply complete our online claim form or call us today, and we will assess your claim and let you know how we can help at this difficult time.

Serious injury claims

If you are seriously injured, you may suffer a range of problems which are life changing. If the injury was not your fault, you ought to consider serious injury claims compensation to help you deal with the effects.

Serious injuries – life-changing events

Some serious injuries may severely affect your life – in some cases, perhaps permanently so.

Examples may include things such as spinal injuries or those that result in amputations etc.

Even where the effects are less serious and not permanent, they may still result in huge disruption to your normal life over extended periods. An example may be in situations where you have suffered a complex fracture or break that may immobilise you for months and lead to a serious loss of mobility afterwards.

Serious injury claims may allow you to obtain financial assistance by way of compensation that will help you cope withthe consequences of such injuries.


Of course, as you may expect, the accident that resulted in your injury must have been attributable in full or part to someone other than you.

In these circumstances you are entitled to be compensated for the injuries sustained and any consequential losses.

Bringing such a claim not always an easy task. It requires knowledge of the law plus considerable previous experience.

That is where Bentley Accident Claims will be able to help you with an initial consultation and an evaluation of your situation.

Avoiding despair

Inevitably, no compensation award can ever help turn back the clock or directly alleviate the physical distress and suffering that you may have gone through.

Yet having appropriate compensation may help you cope in many other ways, for example, by allowing you to provide additional medical equipment or home help.

In that sense, compensation may help you avoid becoming overwhelmed with the changes that your accident may bring upon your life.

This category of compensation includes things such as:

  1. brain and head injuries;
  2. spinal injuries;
  3. amputations;
  4. burn injuries;
  5. loss of sight;
  6. fatal accidents.

In all these cases, serious injury claims, if successful, may help to make your life just that little bit easier.

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Who pays for the claim?

Bentley Accident Claims promote a no win no fee service regardless of the outcome of your claim. We assure our clients that all of the expenses are covered from the other side and that there are no hidden costs at any stage of your claim.