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Specialist case claims

There may be some times in your life when you may be powerless to rectify a situation which has affected you but which simply wasn’t your fault. There may be many more times though when specialist case claims may provide you with legal redress in a situation where you have suffered badly.

You may, for example, be able to make specialist case claims in a number of circumstances including:

  1. Defective Premises - as a tenant, you may have been injured or had your property damaged by some aspect of your rented property that you feel is due to the direct negligence of the landlord – a landlord liability claim may see you compensated for injuries sustained and losses incurred;
  2. Animal Attacks - may come in many shapes and forms and it may surprise you to discover just how many of these are not caused by what you may consider to be dangerous breeds - so if you feel that a pet owner, or Farmer, should perhaps have exercised a bit more control over their animal, Bentley Accident Claims may be able to obtain some compensation for you;
  3. Defective Product / Product Liability - when you buy anything, whether it is a product or some advice from a professional, you have every right to expect that it is fit for purpose. If it isn’t then the effects of that could cause you more than just a slight inconvenience – there could be repercussions for your physical or even mental health and financial compensation obtained through product liability cases or professional negligence cases, may help redress the balance;
  4. Criminal Injuries Compensation - if you have been the victim of a crime then you may have suffered physical or mental injuries – criminal injuries compensation may be able to provide you with some financial support to help you get over your trauma;
  5. Holiday / Overseas Accidents - can happen and not only can they ruin that long awaited break they could also cause you serious hardship – apart from physical injury you may have medical expenses or even repatriation to deal with.

In any of the above situations you may feel that someone should be held accountable for the pain, suffering and inconvenience that you have experienced. Our expertise in specialist case claims may help you obtain the financial compensation you deserve.

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